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Stephanie Harm
Not a problem, Dorothea. :)
Melissa Chabot she/her
wow! Thank you phil!! :)
Chelsie Gaspar
Hello Phil, Lucy, and all of my CST colleagues on here. This is your colleague Chelsie from Minnesota, so glad to finally meet you virtually. Hopefully I can meet you all in-person when I visit campus in August.
Chelsie Gaspar
Phil, I will need to check out the casino in Annandale when I visit! :) I love the Las Vegas banner!
Roberta Heffernan
The student, Elise, wanted us to all get on TokTok and this morning we were told not to use the app because of security reasons.
Roberta Heffernan
I have fewer problems with Gen Z than with Gen X. My students come from all generations.
Roberta Heffernan
Gen X students think they have a handle on everything. Millenials don't want to engage until you make it clear what's in it for them.
Jessica Rapisarda
College Steps is fantastic!
Carolyn Lorente
Where can we access that Universal Design resource for NOVA professors?
Carolyn Lorente
Jennifer Taylor (jjtaylor@nvcc.edu)
Could we please have that workshop on every campus every month?!?!?
Jennifer Taylor (jjtaylor@nvcc.edu)
At least a recording of one???
Jennifer Taylor (jjtaylor@nvcc.edu)
Thnks so much.
Roberta Heffernan
That would be very helpful.
Afshin Tavassoli
Hi everyone, I am totally confused with generation X, Z and all of them. I am teaching Anatomy and Physiology with background of Medicine)Medical Doctor). I know, there are definitions for diseases and problem with communication. We know that communication is important in learning process but if someone doesn't want communicate with you, what do you expect that I must do? Should I inject the science to them our give the pill of science to them. They don't want to connect with others and they think because I am not using YouTube or TikTak, so I am dumb. I respect diversity but at the same time, I respect all human being. The Z generation think they know everything better than others and if I want to tell something to them, I must change my language to their languages. Please help me what exactly college wants from us?
Melissa Chabot she/her
EF Workshop PPT/Notes https://drive.google.com/file/d/15IAlx5eoeTLXkfoZQozD1zVaRn8Wb6vS/view?usp=sharing
Bob Martray
Sensory processing disorder is a set of behaviors related to trouble processing information from the senses, like sight and sound. SPD is not recognized as an official diagnosis by psychiatrists. Signs of sensory processing disorder include sudden mood swings and strange behavior. How one hears & sees things.
Melissa Chabot she/her
Thank you, Bob. Many people argue that SPD should be part of the autism diagnosis as well.
Jen Daniels (she/her)
Hi, Afshin, I have a new role at the college (in addition to my LASS Dean role) in supporting inclusive excellence. I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss much of what we've been hearing over the last few days. We don't all need to be on TikTok (and now we can't be on college computers if you saw the recent email) to reach our current students. We've heard quite a bit in these two days about different strategies. The strategies that each faculty uses will differ based on their own style and subject. Jen (jdaniels@nvcc.edu).
Lucy Holsonbake
I think that is a g reat idea,Melissa!
Lucy Holsonbake
THe only difference between fear and excitement as anxiety is how we choose to label it. It is the same kind of biological symptom. WE have to help them learn to succeed!
Lucy Holsonbake
Don't see everything as a threat!
Lucy Holsonbake
WE need to change their mindsets!
Roberta Heffernan
I find that using phrases like "tell me about" or "what do you see" or "what do you think your fellow students should know about this" takes some of that stress away.
Jennifer Taylor (jjtaylor@nvcc.edu)
FYI: EFT or Tapping is a very effective technique (backed by NIH research.
Melissa Chabot she/her
Stephanie Harm
Here is the survey Link: https://forms.gle/mvEK8Xfrn4XUqQUL9. We welcome feedback on this session!
Bob Martray
Create rapport, relate to & respect your students individuality.
Lucy Holsonbake
YOu got it, BOB!!!!!
Fran Oquendo
Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation of neurodiversity and how to best help our students!
Gamal Abdel-Ghany
In a situation at end of class I was introducing a new assignment, I could see the student face being upset and angry. It was a long one whereas you need to watch a video, write an essay, then submit it in a certain way. He started to be absent for a wile and that assignment was never done by him. I discovered it was the timing of introducing the assignment not organization nor the clarifications! What is your take on that?
Bob Martray
Can we accommodate a student w/o an MOA?
Melissa Chabot she/her
Neurodiversity resources: https://libguides.nvcc.edu/neurodiversity
Stephanie Harm
Here is the survey Link: https://forms.gle/mvEK8Xfrn4XUqQUL9. We welcome feedback on this session!
Melissa Chabot she/her
Bob, Universal design helps us create our courses to be open and accessible to the widest range of learners
Dorothea Johnson
thank you very much!
Francesca Viale
thank you!